Spa Services

Spa Services

Relaxation Massage
Technique that provide a profound relaxation vanishing stress and tiredness.

Deep Tissue Massage
Tecnique that combines pressure in specific points to relief tension in the body. Recommended in stiffnes and muscular pains.

Sport Massage
A combination of different techniques that helps to relax muscles, activating blood circulation and toon the articulations.

Therapeutic Massage
Increase detox elimination through different techniques that provides harmony and relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Massage
Inspired in wind ritual in Hawaii, with long and rhythmical movements that create a full relaxation.

Lymphatic Drain Massage
Technique in which toxins are drain to be eliminated in a natural way, activating immunology system and helping with blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage
This technique relax applying warm stones to oiled skin, combine long strokes with the stone weight in specific places.

Reflexology Therapy
Estimulating the reflex zones in our body we do an activation of all the vital systems promoting a full relaxation and well being.

Shiatsu Therapy
Japanese therapy which use pressure in specific points in all the body to relief accumulated tension an tone vital energy.

Therapy to relief emotions and bring absolute peace with the universal energy.


Relax Massage
Absolute relaxation while your mind travel with the ocean sound.

Exfoliation with Massage
After a relaxing massage, gently removes the dead cells of the body leaving the skin soft and renewed.

Cromotherapy with Massage
Therapy that uses sunlights with different colors to relax,

Temaz (steam) Calli (house). Traditional prehispanic bath, that purifies your mind, body and spirit. It integrates the qualities of traditional herbology with relaxing music.